Shinta’s take on Yugioh: Battle City

The most infamous arc in the franchise opens the door to the real way to play the game, the introduction of some of the strongest monsters in the game…and an Antagonist SEVERELY screwed over in import. Also: a god turned into an executive producer. What idiot through that was a good Idea?

The Cartoon Hero Reviews: Space Jam

The Cartoon Hero Reviews: Space Jam from Eli Stone on Vimeo. Season 8, Episode 299. Come on and–enjoy a review of this movie that’s somewhat positive. Featuring Iannone of The Sports Reel. Also, because this review has skit at the beginning, feel free to skip the first two and a half minutes if you take…

ONE DUMB KID | American McGee’s Grimm – Episode 1 – A Boy Learns What Fear Is

A young boy goes on a quest to find the true meaning of fear… and Nero is on the quest to find a game he can let’s play and not be dull.

Nero’s Teepublic Unboxing

From TeePublic to ToonGrin, Nero opens up a few gifts from TeePublic. Check Out Our TeePublic Shop for more Pop Culture and Funny Merch to help support ToonGrin!

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