How I learned to stop worrying and watch the Business Burn: a personal perspective on the Rise and Fall of Bandai of America.

I guess I’m in a respect luckier than some in how Long I’ve been able to follow along with Bandai stuff, and with the recent separation of Power rangers from Bandai of America, I thought I’d take some time and write out my long history with the company; the highs and lows, and why I…

Cartoon Corner: Paddington Review

It’s a feel-good movie as sweet as marmalade as Cartoon Corner reviews Paddington. ENJOY

Cartoon Corner’s Top 10 Animated Crushes

Celebrate love with Whyboy as he lists his Top 10 Animated Crushes. ENJOY ►► Saberspark’s Top 10 Cartoon Crushes

My Favorite Absinthe – Deusdaecon Reviews

*please drink responsibly* Please like and Subscribe, If you enjoyed the video Please consider donating to keep the show running Tumblr: Facebook Fan Page:… – Follow me on twitter for news and updates:

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