The Cartoon Hero Presents: Disney’s Tarzan Season 9, Episode 324. It’s time to look at another underrated movie from the Hero’s childhood! And yet another video Dailymotion rejected. Fucking Disney…

Watchin’ Stuff – Gnomeo and Juliet Review

It’s a Gnome filled month as we’re watchin’ Disney’s worst take on Romeo and Juliet, Gnomeo and Juliet. ENJOY #GnomeMonth or #MarchOfTheGnome? Choose your fav name for this special month! And if you really want ToonGrin to review Sherlock Gnome like and share this video and help us get to 100 Likes!

The Cartoon Hero vs. Rugrats Go Wild Season 9, Episode 323. It’s finally time to talk about a movie that’s been on the Hero’s plate for a LONG time…

Watchin’ Stuff – Early Man Review

We’re watching the 1st prehistoric football game as we’re watchin’ Early Man. ENJOY SPONSORED BY TEEBLOX To get 10% off your order put in the code TOONGRINTBX at Checkout.

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