The Cartoon Hero Reviews Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You Season 9, Episode 329. Reboot, I Choose You!

The Cartoon Hero Reviews American Dragon: Jake Long Season 9, Episode 328. Imagine…Dragons! As voiced by Rufio with pandering teenager dialogue!

The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe Narrated By Deusdaecon

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Watchin’ Stuff – Channel Awesome Review #ChangeTheChannel

It’s the destruction of what was once awesome as we’re watching Channel Awesome’s response to #ChangeTheChannel ENJOY Originally Recorded Thursday, April 12th, 2018 ———————————– 00:00 – Opening Thoughts 08:29 – Not So Awesome Condensed Readthrough 41:43 – Channel Awesome’s 2nd Response Our Response 45:07 – Sexual Deviant/Justin/JewWario 48:43 – Sean Fausz Sexual Harassment 53:15 –…

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