The Insert Witty Name Show – Ep. 10 ‘Troyal’

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As Ireland is gripped by sadness over the apparent cancellation of Garth Brook’s five Dublin gigs – Patrick and Alan discuss the entity known as Troyal Garth Brooks and the man whose body he he has been in inhabiting – Chris Gaines. Gaines was the son Australian-American son of an Australian Swimming Coach and a former Olympic Swimmer. He released his Greatest Hits in 1999 before Brooks once again consumed him.

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The Insert Witty Name Show – Ep. 9 ‘Worse Than The Scots’

It’s Pilot Season again and Winter is coming. This week Alan gets Patrick watch his first episode of Game of Thrones. There is follow up from last weeks episode and we also talk about Crusader Kings II, Civilization V and how Patrick is always at least 3 years behind popular culture.

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Show notes:

HHH’s WrestleMania 30 entrance.

Sid Meier’s Civilization

Crusader Kings II

Kyle Kallgren’s Between The Lines: Game of Thrones

Diamanda Hagan’s Gabriel over the White House Flubs

The Unemployed Historian – Escape to Victory (1981)

The Unemployed Historian examines how the 1981 film Escape to Victory (starring Michael Caine, Sylvester Stallone and Pele) and the so-called ‘Death Match’ that inspired it.

The Insert Witty Name Show – Ep. 8 ‘The Unemployed Geographer’

This week we look a Ireland’s favorite 25 year old Turkey. He’s presented television, he’s released albums and he’s performed at the 2008 Eurovision song contest. We talk about the musical output of one Dustin The Turkey.

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UH: The Insert Witty Name Show – ‘It doesn’t matter if it’s good folks…’

It’s Pilot Season here on The Insert Witty Name Show and so we talk about the feature length pilot to David Lynch’s Twin Peaks – which one of us has seen before and the other hadn’t! Also it was the hottest day of the year when this got recorded so be prepared to listen to two of the literally hottest podcasters of all time. We also talk about the fact there is a new Unemployed Historian that had just gone online minutes before we recorded.

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The Unemployed Historian – Evita

Angelo Badalamenti – Twin Peaks Theme