Watchin’ Stuff – Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer The Movie Review

We’re having a “good time” today as we’re watching Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer The Movie. ENJOY SPONSORED BY TEEBLOX To get 10% off your order put in the code TOONGRINTBX at Checkout. ►► Cartoon Corner: The REAL Frozen Review ►► Top 10 Animated Penguins ►► Watchin’ Stuff – Captain Underpants

The Cartoon Hero Presents JCA: A Jolly J-Team X-Mas Season 9, Episode 318. The Hero’s first contribution to Red Ribbon Reviewers 2017 starts with a visit to Chan the Man!

Tokusatsu in Review: Toqger Vs Kyoryuger

The Kyoryuger-thon comes to it’s ultimate conclusions…with a character-assassinating crossover that shows just how bad Yasuko Kobayashi is at teamup movies. it comes from her doing absolutely no research into the material she is writing about. Considering her recent work, this isn’t that far from par for the course.    

Tokusatsu in review: Zyuden Sentai Kyouryuger 100 years After

The KyouRyuger-thon concludes the Riku Sanjou-penned material with a trip to the future and the state of the next official successors to the beast batteries! …eh, still better than the Korean Team.

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