Tokusatsu in Review: Garo Tougen no Fue

The Last of the Kouga-era Content (Beyond Rei’s Spinoffs) Closes with a Tale focused on the two Makai priests closest to him, alongside a pair of women attempting to revive a sealed evil. Isn’t that always the way of this franchise?

Puppet Master 3 : Toulon’s Revenge – Deusdaecon Reviews

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The Cartoon Hero Presents: Chicken Run

The Cartoon Hero Presents: Chicken Run from Eli Stone on Vimeo. Season 9, Episode 306. Rule Britember continues-this time with a prison break movie starring birds! But this one is from a better studio.

Shinta’s Take on Yugioh: Virtual World Arc.

Everyone falls into the Depths of Link Vrain’s earliest Predecessor, in the anime-only filler arc exploring the kaiba Brothers’ backstory with their own villains to boot. Too bad the chosen villains were a bit ridiculous and it was interrupting a more interesting Arc.  

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