Nero Reviews The True Story of Puss ‘n Boots

We don’t condone drowning cats but as Nero reviews The True Story of Puss ‘n Boots… exceptions are made. ENJOY

Watchin’ Stuff – Thundercats Roar Reaction

It’s another reboot outcry as ToonGrin is watchin’ and talking about the Thundercats Roar Reaction. ENJOY

The Cartoon Hero Reviews: Disney’s Hercules

The Cartoon Hero Reviews: Disney's Hercules from Cartoon Hero2 on Vimeo. Season 9, Episode 334. Guilty Pleasures Month concludes with a Greek tragedy, in more ways than one!

Screenplay Archaeology Episode 38: Alien 3

KiramidHead chats with four different cohosts about the various unproduced drafts of Alien 3. Note: ten minutes had to be cut from this version to fit SoundCloud’s requirements. The full version can be found on YouTube. Contact: iTunes Stitcher Radio Facebook Tumblr Twitter Blogspot

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