Screenplay Archaeology Episode 67: Escape from New York

KiramidHead discusses three scripts for a proposed Escape from New York remake. Loeb draft: (00:56:06) Cross draft: (01:35:46) Shelved Film Podcast Table Reads Podcast Contact: Facebook Tumblr Twitter Blogger


Will Scoob as an adorable puppy save this franchise? Well Scooby as a puppy is pretty darn cute. TUNE IN! WATCH THE SCOOBY TEASER TRAILER HERE ►►

TOP 10 BEST DISNEY VILLAINS | ToonGrin’s Top 10s

ToonGrin lists 10 of Disney’s nastiest and baddest bad guys around in the Top 10 Best Disney Villains. ENJOY

Red Ribbon Reviewers: 2019 Promo

It’s time once again to send in your submissions for Red Ribbon Reviewers 2019 in December! RRR Twitter: RRR Facebook:

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